My S60R project


Hello my German friends,

Well, I hope you will forgive me in posting this in english.

So the story of my Rosie;

I’ve bought her with only 100k km on the clock. The car was in very good condition, all original, with one or two issues related to AWD.

It had some problems with AWD system where the system would report “anti skid system service required” every now and then. The car would turn in to FWD mode and it would be miserable to drive.

As the repair turned to be too expensive to handle I have started learning about AWD issues and I’ve bought VIDA/DICE tool to start working on it.

The issue was fixed by flushing the AOC with clean oil. New o-rings were installed in AOC and new collar gear installed. AWD was back on line!

At that stage I had impression that I will drive that car for the rest of the days. Fuel, service and pedal to the metal...
Yes, right! :) 

The first thing which started bothering me was the “side hop” and the lack of steering wheel feedback feeling. It was so bad that I could not live with it.

There were no repair solutions on the internet and the dealership was helpless.
I’ve gathered some brains around town and we have started looking at the cause of the side hop and steering wheel feedback issue.

It all ended up to be due to worn out and soft bushings.
The decision feel on Powerflex bushings and iPd sway bars.

One of the side hop bushings;

So, rear sway bar, all rear bushings, front bushings and front spring seats were replaced. The ride did improved but some new issues have surfaced:

The rear of my car was covered in black dust! The rear tires were gone!
The cause of that issue was the tear toe in was too big. And that was caused by too weak rear toe control arm & offset bolt set up.
The fix was to upgrade the setup to TKi’s rear toe control arms;

After all was done to the car (apart from installing front sway bar) the car became boring. Not kidding. It was just not fast enough :)
The fast corners became stable. There was no side hop issue in any mode. The car became very predictable and there was a lot time for a driver to think about while driving vary fast :) Of corse, lack of power was the only thing I was thinking about :)

As Rica was only thing available I’ve bought their iSoftloader and stage 1 & 2 tune.

With stage 1 the car became a little more interesting. Lots of people have described stage 2 tune to be so much more better and I could not wait to buy FMIC and 3” turbo back exhaust to install stage 2 software.

The exhaust was hand made by Mr Milakovic from Croatia. 3” stainless steel with no CAT converter, OEM CAT for MOT tests and a straight pipe option (all on V-bands) There was a 50mm cut out valve (still not installed) and a 2’ dB killer plug which is installed trough rear muffler tip.

The FMIC came from VIVA.

The stage 2 tune was really a step beyond stock S60R. It was cool and fast, and with that master piece of exhaust system it was AWSOME loud! Oh my lord, the sound was addictive, so much....
Unfortunately, just two weeks after tuning the car this has happened;

You know it all...
There were some expensive and time taking attempts to fix it but it all stayed on the idea.

I was thinking of many solutions and at the end of the day I was certain that I want a project car! :)

The front bar is missing on this pic.


The suspension issue was raised up, as the car will gain a lot of power. I talked to my mechanic about my concerns of installing Eibach springs and he suggested modifying VOLVO 4C struts to make them 10mm shorter (cylinder and piston) and we also decided to try 20% stiffer oil.
I do not have picture of finished product, but I’ll take one today.

So, here is the best I’ve got for you, my German friends.
Please enjoy the pictures and comment!

In my next post I’ll try to explain the design goals and seek for some input from the ones who make things happen.

Damn... :eek:

I would wish I would be able to do more on my car myself.
Great work.  ;)

By the way. Did you already get the Information about the guys who are modifying your dampers?
Hi Volvette,
thank you.

I'll get it today or tomorrow when I catch my mechanic. Last weekend was the best hill climb race in country and he was hard to speak with because of it :) We are going to have dinner tonight and see if we can start some work.

I'll keep you posted.
Awesome mod! Makes me feel mine is ridiculous compared to it :)
Thank you, well I've been lucky to have Mr. Milakovic in the project to build this sexy stainless steel pieces. I'm sure your project is one good project to!

My rear toe is also a little bit off because of my springs. Where did you purchase the toe bars?

I've ordered these bars from TKi Motorsports. It was 200USD.
But, they came with A1 Racing stickers, and A1 Racing sells for cheap...
If you want I can measure all dimensions of the Al bar and rods so you can build one for much cheaper.

Thank you for positive comments. ;)
the link has opened their generic "radius rods" page.
I am pushing my mech to instal the suspension and to tow the car to his workshop to continue with the project. I will measure all the dimensions for you at that point.
Really nice S60 dude!
keep posting and let us knwo what you're doing :)

looking forward to read some news and see some pictures - maybe a soundfile? :)

cheers jens
thank you for the comments.

Nothing much to update at the moment.  I was really lucky to decide to upgrade the cam shafts and valve springs before we fire up the engine for the first time.
It turns out that exhaust valves supplied by US vendor were not fabricated to meet the specification and that has caused the valve locks to crack (even with engine NOT RUNNING). I will most likely have to search for the better solution for the inconel exhaust valves.

So if anyone is running MANLEY inconel valves, check if your valve locks are "bitting" in the valve and if that is the case you would prbably be better of removing your engine head before it drops few valves :/
It's been a while since my last forum post...

There has been an issue with Photobucket where I accidentally deleted the whole album but it does not mean that the project has came to a haut :)

Here is some fresh update. I was pretty excited when I got these pictures in my mail today.

Feel free to post your comments or questions. ;)

Raw material

And after some fancy CNC machining :)

The goal of this new manifold was to reduce the volume of the piping from the turbo to the intake manifold. The WAIC is Precision core and it will be mounted where we used to have air filter and a useless little piece of plastic. :)

I'll stay with the original TB for now.

That is all for now.
I just can't wait to see the work with my own eyes!