Volvo S70R Pics Wanted!

Hehe, Im not going there. The car is coming here with a trailer and boat and it should be here on monday or tuesday!
Im just 19, and its my dreamcar so im really really happy! ;D ;D ;D ;D
oh, just read this one here...

Hey congratulations!

Take care of the Car...

Greetings from Switzerland...
Thank you so much!
I will take care of it as it where my baby.
I Have searched for a S70R for several months, but I dont have to anymore :p.
I going to upload some pictures when the car has arrived to its new home.  8)
Thanks for all the help. You are great!
Do you have connections to transport companies? I assume it won't be cheap to get the car there... :elkrolleyes:

but anyway, have fun with it!!! :elkgrin: :elkgrin: :elkgrin:
Volvo Thun have arranged everything with the transportation. it vill cost me 1100 CHF from Thun to Gothenburg, its not much at all. But i have to pay 25% tax in Sweden, so the isnt cheep but its just as I want it, so its worth it, I hope?! :elkundecided:

Thanks! I will have very fun with the car, to the spring the car is going to have about 330-350 Bhp/Ps and 19" Alessio Wheels and much more  :elkgrin: